2019 Auction

18th December 2019 @ 10:00AM (London)

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About this Auction

Last year marked the first ever Yemeni speciality coffee auction; this year we have collected the highest ratio of top scoring coffees we’ve ever produced and are proud to say that none of the coffees in this auction score below 88 points.

Through these coffees you will taste the wide spectrum that Yemen has to offer with dark chocolate, bergamot, honeysuckle, bouquets of florals and every berry, citrus, tropical and stone fruit you can imagine.

Sample Sets have now been sold out.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a sample set this year. We have now completely sold out and cannot offer anymore. Sorry to any that were hoping to purchase samples and missed their chance. Remember, the samples may be sold but there's still a chance to bid in the main event. With such incredible specialty coffees up for grabs, your guaranteed to get a good one.


Coffee is beautiful. In its earliest days it was a hidden gem. An obscure beverage consumed in the lodges and gatherings of sufi mystics in Arabia. For 150 years, starting in the 16th century, Yemen was the exclusive coffee supplier to the entire world. All coffee shipped out of the region via the Port of Mokha, on the Red Sea.

Yemen’s unique microclimate and high elevation where coffee grew produced drought-resistant plants that yielded complex coffees with sweet, chocolatey flavors. To imitate Yemeni coffee, many coffee houses would add chocolate to drinks brewed from beans of other origins (hence the term ‘mocha’).

It is thought that sometime in the mid-1600’s, an Indian pilgrim smuggled seven green coffee seeds out of the country, and from those seeds, coffee cultivation spread across the planet and grew into a worldwide commodity. Though 90% of the world’s coffee can be genetically traced back to Yemen.

In the last thirty years, we have begun to see a change. The specialty coffee movement has emerged and begun to restore coffee to its former glory. Speciality coffee at its best places value on quality over cost, experience over convenience and most of all treats with dignity the incredible people in the mountains and valleys who grow this plant whose seed we love so much. Coffee auctions have, in this time, been the driving force in our industry pushing the limits of quality and cost.

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