Coffee from the Clouds, Port of Mokha 2020

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Auction overview

Lots: 22
Bidding starts: 17 Dec 2020 10:00:00 GMT
Ends: 17 Dec 2020 13:22:50 GMT

Auction Date & Time 
17th December 2020 @ 10:00AM (London)

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Lots in this auction

LotScoreWeightIncre-mentBidTotal valueTitleHigh bidderTime left
187.2550lbs$0.50$20.50/lb$1,025.00Essam Abdo MuhsinCoffee Tech Ltd FINISHED
287.2575lbs$0.50$20.50/lb$1,537.50Al Sheikh Ahmed Hussain Al RumaimOriginal Green Roasters Ltda FINISHED
688.050lbs$0.50$35.00/lb$1,750.00Abdul Ali NashwanCartel Coffee Roasters FINISHED
788.050lbs$0.50$23.50/lb$1,175.00Mabrook NashwanEccentricity Coffee Company FINISHED
888.050lbs$0.50$25.00/lb$1,250.00Mohamed Saleh NashwanCartel Coffee Roasters FINISHED
988.550lbs$0.50$43.00/lb$2,150.00Yahya NashwanColoured Bean FINISHED
1088.550lbs$0.50$42.50/lb$2,125.00Yahya NashwanMARISSTELLA COFFEE FINISHED
1188.5100lbs$0.50$40.50/lb$4,050.00Yahya NashwanCartel Coffee Roasters FINISHED
1289.2575lbs$0.50$26.50/lb$1,987.50Fahti Mohamed Al RumaimCTS GROUP SRL FINISHED
1389.25100lbs$0.50$40.50/lb$4,050.00Adil Ali Al QahamRichards Coffee Co. FINISHED
1489.25100lbs$0.50$48.50/lb$4,850.00Ahmed Mohamed Al RumaimRichards Coffee Co. FINISHED
1589.7550lbs$0.50$45.50/lb$2,275.00Majid Abdo SubaihCartel Coffee Roasters FINISHED
1689.7550lbs$0.50$46.00/lb$2,300.00Mohamed Ali SubaihDanelaw Coffee FINISHED
1789.7525lbs$0.50$75.50/lb$1,887.50Adam Yahya Al RumaimHaaya Gourmet Coffee Co., Ltd. FINISHED
1889.7525lbs$0.50$60.50/lb$1,512.50Mohamed Amin Al RumaimCostas Of Sweden FINISHED
1989.7525lbs$0.50$61.00/lb$1,525.00Mohamed Ahmed Al RumaimEuphora Coffee Studio FINISHED
2090.025lbs$0.50$300.00/lb$7,500.00Hussain Yahya Kulaibace coffee FINISHED
2190.025lbs$0.50$87.00/lb$2,175.00Khalid Mohamed KulaibAzura Coffee FINISHED
2290.025lbs$0.50$114.50/lb$2,862.50Hassan Al RumaimEccentricity Coffee Company FINISHED
2390.025lbs$0.50$200.00/lb$5,000.00Taha Mohamed Al Rumaimace coffee FINISHED
2491.2525lbs$0.50$130.00/lb$3,250.00Yahya Ahmed SubaihRichards Coffee Co. FINISHED
2593.7575lbs$0.50$153.00/lb$11,475.00Ziyad Abdo Al RumaimDifference Coffee Co FINISHED
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