Port of Mokha 2019



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入札開始: 18 12 2019 10:00:00 GMT
終了: 18 12 2019 14:49:58 GMT

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Do you wish to take part as a part of a bidding group? If you want to buy smaller volumes, we can put you in touch with other bidders who can share the coffee with you.

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Auction Date and Times

The Internet Coffee Auction will take place on Dec 18th 2019. The Auction will open for bidding at: 10:00 am GMT. All Lots will be open for bidding at the same time. Please pay attention to your timezone:

  • 02:00 AM - Los Angeles
  • 05:00 AM - New York
  • 07:00 AM - Sao Paulo
  • 10:00 AM - London
  • 17:00 PM - Jakarta
  • 18:00 PM - Shanghai
  • 19:00 PM - Tokyo
  • 21:00 AM - Sydney


ロット スコア Baggu 重さ 入札単位 入札 合計数 件名 最高入札者 残り時間
PM1906-A92.5050lbs$0.10$89.00/lb$4,450.00Port of Mokha ProductSUMATRA C.H. FOR D'ANGELO COFFEEFINISHED
PM1906-B92.5050lbs$0.10$90.00/lb$4,500.00Port of Mokha ProductThe Q CoffeeFINISHED
PM1906-C92.5050lbs$0.10$90.00/lb$4,500.00Port of Mokha ProductThe reformatory Caffeine LabFINISHED
PM190291.25090lbs$0.10$77.10/lb$6,939.00Yunus al RamimBought for Suzuki Taroh Saza Coffee & Aroma coffeeFINISHED
PM191691.25045lbs$0.10$80.40/lb$3,618.00BakeelEccentricity Coffee CompanyFINISHED
PM1912-A90.250100lbs$0.10$40.00/lb$4,000.00Muhammad HadiRichards Coffee CoFINISHED
PM1912-B90.250100lbs$0.10$35.50/lb$3,550.00Muhammad HadiCartel Coffee RoastersFINISHED
PM1912-C90.25090lbs$0.10$40.00/lb$3,600.00Muhammad HadiThe Golden Coffee Box / Boot KoffieFINISHED
PM192389.75050lbs$0.10$44.20/lb$2,210.00Abdullah SubeihSUMATRA C.H. FOR D'ANGELO COFFEEFINISHED
PM190189.75055lbs$0.10$45.00/lb$2,475.00Yahya NashwanEccentricity Coffee CompanyFINISHED
PM1924A89.750115lbs$0.10$40.00/lb$4,600.00Taha al RamimPebble Coffee (Taiwan), Coffee Hub (Malaysia), Kakalove (Taiwan), Simple Kaffa (Taiwan), UCR HKFINISHED
PM1924B89.75065lbs$0.10$45.10/lb$2,931.50Taha al RamimCairo Coffee CollectiveFINISHED
PM191089.5025lbs$0.10$75.10/lb$1,877.50Muhammad Salah Nashwanace coffeeFINISHED
PM192789.5075lbs$0.10$46.50/lb$3,487.50Adal al RamimGoodman Coffee RoastersFINISHED
PM193189.5020lbs$0.10$60.00/lb$1,200.00Hafzullah HimiRichards Coffee CoFINISHED
PM191989.250150lbs$0.10$26.00/lb$3,900.00Majma' Adal al RamimWindsor general trading company FINISHED
PM193089.25025lbs$0.10$50.10/lb$1,252.50Abdullah RashidEccentricity Coffee CompanyFINISHED
PM1908-A89.00100lbs$0.10$30.00/lb$3,000.00Majma' Muhammad HadiBlooms Roastery & Craft TeaFINISHED
PM1908-B89.00100lbs$0.10$29.10/lb$2,910.00Majma' Muhammad HadiTreeswind Coffee CompanyFINISHED
PM1907-A89.00150lbs$0.10$20.00/lb$3,000.00Bait NashwanBonlife Coffee RoastersFINISHED
PM1907-B89.00100lbs$0.10$25.10/lb$2,510.00Bait NashwanMOMOS COFFEEFINISHED
PM1907-C89.00100lbs$0.10$20.10/lb$2,010.00Bait NashwanThe Roasting Chamber (by the Chambers)FINISHED
PM192288.750110lbs$0.10$22.50/lb$2,475.00Essam al RamimMARISSTELLA COFFEEFINISHED
PM191588.750100lbs$0.10$20.10/lb$2,010.00Majma' HameerCartel Coffee RoastersFINISHED
PM191488.50100lbs$0.10$38.70/lb$3,870.00Abda Ahsan HadiRichards Coffee CoFINISHED
PM192188.5075lbs$0.10$38.50/lb$2,887.50Adal Al QahmRichards Coffee CoFINISHED
PM192689.00110lbs$0.10$20.00/lb$2,200.00Majma' AdalECHOS CREATIVE CO., LTD. (KakaloveCafe)FINISHED