Lot 25: Ziyad Abdo Al Rumaim

This coffee is good 

Lot Description

Reference Number:25
Opening Bid:$20.00/lb
무게:75 lbs
Producer Cupping Notes:Black currant, tropical fruit, passion fruit, lychee, rasberry, hibiscus

Coffee details


This coffee is a crowning achievement. It shows the care farmer Ziyad Abdo Al Rumaim has put into his work, as well as Port of Mokha’s efforts to support and source coffee from elite farmers.

This coffee tells a story that ropes you in with every taste. It opens with fragrant lavender, juicy tropical fruit and lucious papaya and lychee. The more you taste, the more you’ll discover its unfurling notes of sparkling hibiscus blackberry and tart blueberry.

We are incredibly honored to feature this coffee at auction and incredibly excited for you to try it.

Farm details

Producer Name: Ziyad Abdo Al Rumaim
Region: Bait Alal / Hayma Kharijiya / Sanaa
Farm Elevation: 2150-2400 masl

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